Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does North Fork Area Transit need funds?

The former General Manager of North Fork Area Transit allegedly embezzled funds from the transit agency’s bank accounts.

2. How do I know my donation will be safeguarded?

One of the Board’s first actions upon discovery of the theft was to immediately hire a local accounting firm for ALL financial record keeping. In addition, all credit card accounts have been closed and the Nebraska State Mobility Management team is providing financial oversight. Three new board members have joined with helpful expertise in a variety of areas.

3. If the funds are raised who will be running North Fork Area Transit?

In the short-term the State Mobility Management Team will provide management services until a well-vetted management team can be hired. The Board meets weekly to oversee management decisions.

4. If the funds are raised what will public transit in Norfolk look like?

The board is focused on providing service to those most in need in our community with TeleLift services. The ForkLift bus service will be reintroduced with a more targeted approach. Service will focus on the most used routes and times that riders appreciated most.

5. What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation is still ongoing with the Madison County Sheriffs Office.

6. What is the deadline for donations?

The Johnny Carson Foundation’s $500,000 Matching Funds offer will expire on February 28th, 2023.

7. How much money is needed to restore operational status? 

If the $500,000 in local matching funds are raised, operation will resume.

8. How much money has already been raised locally? 

Approximately 20% of the local match has been raised in the first week.

9. How much money will it take to fully utilize the Carson Foundation match commitment?

We must meet the $500,000 level.

10. Do pledges qualify at this time to meet the Carson Foundation match? 

Yes, we are able to count pledges towards the local match.

11. If funds are donated and the local match is not met, can they be returned?

Yes, they can be returned based on the donor’s wishes.