NiteLift Logo

NiteLift is our evening on-demand, curb-to-curb service, similar to Uber©. Riders can book a ride by calling 402.379.4595. First come, first serve.
Rides guaranteed within 2 hours.

What are the hours?

NiteLift operates 7 nights a week.
Sunday-Wednesday, 6:30 pm-12:30 am and Thursday-Saturday, 6:30 pm-2:00 am

How do I schedule a ride?

Call 402.379.4595, book your trip, and pay over the phone with a credit card. Riders can also walk-up to a parked NiteLift vehicle and request a ride.

Where can I go?

We will pick you up at any address within the Norfolk city limits. Rates within Norfolk are $5 per one-way trip, per person. See map for rates on trips outside city of Norfolk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a ride?

NiteLift can be a shared ride service, so multiple passengers can be onboard, if requested by the passenger. We will not place you with other passengers without your permission.

What are the age requirements?

Children ages 12-17 may ride until 10:00 pm.

How much does a ride cost?

$5 per one-way trip, per person, within Norfolk. See map for NiteLift trips outside of Norfolk.

How do I pay for my NiteLift ride?

Pay over the phone with a credit card. You must pay prior to taking the trip. No show passengers will be charged.

No passes are available for this service.

Can I get a receipt for my NiteLift ride?

Yes, our office staff can provide a receipt for the trip via email or text message.

Do any additional fees apply?

Riders are responsible for damage to the interior or exterior of a vehicle caused by their actions. Cleaning fees are $20 and will automatically charged to you by the driver.

Are NiteLift rides wheelchair accessible?

Yes, wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. The accessible vehicles have lifts and secured wheelchair tie-downs for a safe and secure ride.

What if I leave something in a vehicle?

Any item left on the vehicle will be taken to the transit office Lost and Found. Call the transit office to discuss item retrieval.

What are the rules to ride?

  • No smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco
  • No use of loud or offensive language
  • Do not put feet on seats or seat backs